Little Big Bear Safari Ltd is no longer operating due to health issues 
It has been a wonderful 20 years and we thank all of you for your patronage during this wonderful adventure
Papa and Mama Bear
Richard and Vivianne

The Bear Tour

Your experience will start when you arrive at Little Big Bear Safari where you can make yourselves comfortable in our gazebo while we deal with the paperwork. This will take everybody around 30 minutes and is also a good time to ask any questions you may have about the bears and the evening ahead.
Next we all board the bus to drive less than 5 minutes to the observation tower where we will spend the rest of our evening together. Richard will start on the ground with the bears putting out food and treats for them to find. During this time he will often talk to them and they seem to listen! Vivianne will be in the observation tower with you the whole time and Richard will join you once he has moved the bus around the corner. He will stay with you in the tower to answer questions and share stories unless he sees one of his good friends down below and wants to go and say hi!
Then when it's almost time to leave he will bring the bus back to the tree house to take everyone back to their cars where your evening with us will come to an end.


1 outing per day (lasts 2 hours)

7 days a week rain or shine

May 15 to 23 August        departure 6:00 pm

August 24 to Sept 20         departure 5:30 pm

Sept 21 to October 7         departure 5:00 pm

Note: We ask our guests to arrive 30 minutes prior to departure.
Prices (Tax Included)
  • Adult $53.30
  • Children (age 5-16) $17.80
  • Family (2 adults 2 children) $117.30
  • Over 65's $42.70
  • Student $42.70
  • Reservations Recommended


Facilities: Washrooms, wood stove, parking

Observation Tower

Facilities: Washrooms, wood stove, big windows providing an almost 360 degree view.


You are welcome to park your campers and RVs here for the night or pitch a tent however there are no facilities apart from the wash rooms. This is free of charge but there is a contribution box for the bears in the gazebo if you would like to leave something for them!