Little Big Bear Safari Ltd is no longer operating due to health issues 
It has been a wonderful 20 years and we thank all of you for your patronage during this wonderful adventure
Papa and Mama Bear
Richard and Vivianne

Welcome to
Little, Big, Bear Safari

Instead of going to the zoo,
the wild black bears come to see us.

At Little, Big Bear Safari we offer Black Bear Observation in their natural habitat. From the comfort of our secure tower, always accompanied by a certified guide for your security you can view bears from May to October.  We sometimes have Mama bears showing off their cute little ones, and of course there are Big Bears too!

The observation tower is built on 50 acres of private land which borders with the government/ crown land. Over the years the Bears have gained trust and are comfortable on our land and come to the tower for a treat, even during the hunting season knowing they won't be threatened here.